The Way To Build A Wooden Headboard Frame

The Way To Build A Wooden Headboard Frame

A headboard frame not only offers a bed frame an attractive look, but also gives it its own character. Many inventive homemakers are looking for ways to make their own headboard as a way to not only save money, but additionally to add their own personal contact to a bedroom furniture. There are a couple of steps to building your own wooden headboard frame, all of which might be summarized as follows.

The first process to building your own headboard piece combines the steps of measuring, slicing, sanding and staining. To measure, you need to observe the size of the frame of the bed. Be sure to be actual when you measure the size utilizing a measuring tape. After you have accomplished this step, it's essential cut the wood planks according to the exact size of the frame. Afterwards, use a sander to soften all of the sharp edges of the lower wood. Make certain to make use of a sanding b lock for this objective to make the process easier. Keep in mind to wipe off all particles and mud before you proceed to staining the wood. To stain the wood, it is best to stain along with the grain after which letting it dry.

The second process entails distressing the wood and applying polyutherane. If you want your headboard frame to look have an aged however elegant look, you possibly can distress the wood. To do this, you may strike the wood frame with hard objects and likewise metal chains. But ensure not to strike the wood to hard until you possibly can see actual damage performed to it. Just strike the wood until you see some "injuries" to its surface. For individuals who wish to have a headboard with a glossy surface, then you possibly can apply a layer of polyutherane using a paintbrush. Creative woodworkers can even choose to carve their own designs onto the wood surface earlier than applying the polyutherane.

The final process to building a headboard frame is to assemble and to attach the headboard to the bed frame. When you've got wood items for the headboard, make sure you connect every particular person wood piece to each other to make an entire headboard first earlier than you attach the latter to the frame. To really connect the headboard, you will need a hammer, nails, screws, bolts and nuts and observe the design that you have already prepared beforehand.

Building your own wooden headboard frame is now a well-liked alternative for houseowners to chop prices and to add their own personal style to their bedroom furniture.

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